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8 Website Tools You Can't Afford to Ignore

There are 1,000s of website tools but very few are useful. In this post, you'll learn about best 8 website tools.

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Here are 8 AI tools you can use today to save time and money:


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Blaze streamlines your email tasks by offering customizable templates for platforms like Gmail and LinkedIn.

Details of the tool:

  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts to quickly insert templates while browsing.

  • Enhance your email efficiency without switching between applications.

  • Streamline your workflow, saving valuable time daily.

CapCut elevates your video projects with powerful editing tools and AI-driven features like script-to-video conversion.

Details of the tool:

  • Access advanced video editing with a free version.

  • Customize your videos with a variety of tools and effects.

  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface that suits both beginners and professionals.

Chapple AI is a content creation assistant that you can use today to save time and money.

You can use Chapple AI for:

  • Writing SEO articles

  • Social media content creation

  • AI voiceover generation

  • AI image generation

  • Automation

And more.

Luma offers technology to convert real-world objects into detailed 3D models, ideal for creative endeavors.

Details of the tool:

  • Transform photographs into precise 3D models.

  • Use your mobile device to capture and convert images.

  • Enhance your creative projects with high-quality 3D renderings.

Pika transforms your creative prompts into stunning videos, featuring robust editing tools post-creation.

Details of the tool:

  • Available exclusively on Discord, enhancing accessibility.

  • Edit videos to perfection with innovative features.

  • Produce professional-level videos from simple prompts.

Perplexity combines the power of a chat assistant with the precision of online search, ideal for research and learning.

Details of the tool:

  • Integrate source citations directly in responses.

  • Gain a comprehensive overview on a wide range of topics.

  • Rely on updated, accurate information for your research needs.

Scribble Diffusion helps turn basic sketches into detailed, realistic images, perfect for those without professional drawing skills.

Details of the tool:

  • Improve the visual quality of hand-drawn sketches.

  • Produce visually appealing images from simple inputs.

  • Access an intuitive interface that simplifies the image enhancement process.

Upscale focuses on enhancing image resolution, ideal for enlarging images without compromising quality.

Details of the tool:

  • Maintain clarity and detail in enlarged images.

  • Benefit from the continuous improvements made by a vibrant open-source community.

  • Access the tool freely, with no cost associated with its use.


What’s happening in the AI space?

  • Vidu, a company from China, is introducing a challenge to Sora by offering video clips that are 16 seconds long, have high-definition quality, and are in 1080p resolution.

  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is unveiling a new platform specifically designed to evaluate generative artificial intelligence technologies.

  • Microsoft's CEO announced plans to invest $1.7 billion in enhancing cloud services and artificial intelligence capabilities in Indonesia.

  • GitHub Copilot has been updated to assist users in starting projects with the help of artificial intelligence, expanding its functionality beyond just completing tasks.

  • A couple from New York managed to save at least $10,000 on their wedding planning by utilizing artificial intelligence technology. They used ChatGPT to locate vendors offering discounts and to create their "save the date" cards.

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