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You're not using useful AI tools 😳

I use these 9 AI tools to achieve more. Most people don’t know they exist. Here’s how to be better than 95% of people.

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I wasted time on useless AI tools. 😩

But then, I discovered these 9 game-changing AI tools that I’m about to share with you.

With thousands of AI tools out there, it’s hard to find the gems. 💎

These 9 AI tools will supercharge your productivity and make you excel at life and work. 💪


The Ultimate Content Collaboration Platform

Grappling with scattered feedback, disorganized workflows, and switching between too many tools?

Introducing Planable — the ultimate content collaboration tool for agencies and in-house marketing teams. With real-time collaboration and easy-peasy approval, you can create, plan, review, and approve all your awesome content in one space. And you get to organize your content by topic, campaign, brand, favorite color, or anything you please — just by using labels. Schedule your content, then track its performance with analytics and create beautiful reports for your clients. All in one place.

Join 5,000+ teams who trust Planable to streamline their content collaboration processes.


BlueDotHQ is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to revolutionize meeting productivity.

It automates the recording, transcription, and summarization of Google Meet sessions, ensuring that no important detail is missed while eliminating the need for intrusive bots.


  • AI Meeting Notes

  • Seamless Integration

  • Real-Time Collaboration

  • Security First

  • Versatile Use

  • GDPR-Compliant

Discover how BlueDotHQ can transform your meeting management and enhance your team's efficiency.



TinyWow offers a comprehensive suite of free, AI-powered tools designed to simplify your digital tasks.

From file conversion to content creation, TinyWow is your all-in-one solution for handling PDFs, images, videos, and text.


  • AI Writing Tools

  • PDF Tools

  • Image Tools

  • Video Tools

  • File Conversion

  • User-Friendly

Explore TinyWow here.



CapGo streamlines market research and lead generation with its AI-powered capabilities.

Integrated directly into Google Sheets, it makes data extraction and management faster and more efficient, changing how businesses handle market research and email outreach.


  • Market Research

  • Lead Generation

  • Email Outreach

  • Integration

  • User-Friendly

Check this out here.



VIVAGO is an AI-powered creative visual design platform that brings your ideas to life.

Whether you're working with images or videos, VIVAGO provides powerful AI tools to enhance, transform, and create stunning visual content effortlessly.


  • Text-to-Image

  • Image-to-Image

  • Text-to-Video

  • Image-to-Video

  • AI Editing Tools

  • High-Quality Outputs

  • Free Access

Explore this one here.


Pixverse AI

Pixverse AI Magic Brush transforms static images into dynamic videos. Animate your photos effortlessly with this innovative tool.


  • Image Animation: Turn pictures into videos with a simple brush tool.

  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface for quick results.

  • Customization: Add effects and adjust animations to your liking.

  • Fast Processing: Get your animated videos in no time.

Animate your images now at Pixverse AI


Captions AI

Captions AI revolutionizes video content creation, making professional editing accessible to everyone. Create captivating videos without the need for expert editors.


  • Automated Editing: AI-driven tools for quick and efficient video editing.

  • Customization: Tailor captions and effects to match your style.

  • High Quality: Produce professional-grade videos effortlessly.

  • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface for smooth editing experience.

Level up your video content with Captions AI


Simplified AI

Simplified AI integrates writing, image generation, and video editing tools into a single platform. Streamline your creative process with ease.


  • AI Writing Tools: Generate high-quality content quickly.

  • Image Generation: Create stunning visuals with AI.

  • Video Editing: Edit videos with professional-grade tools.

  • Unified Platform: Access all tools from one convenient interface.

Try Simplified AI today at Simplified



HeyGen AI empowers you to create realistic videos effortlessly, perfect for those who prefer staying behind the camera. Boost your video content creation with AI.


  • Realistic Videos: Generate lifelike videos in minutes.

  • User-Friendly: Simple tools for easy video creation.

  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for YouTube, social media, and more.

  • Quick Processing: Get your videos ready fast.

Create stunning videos with HeyGen AI



ChatArena AI brings together the best of AI with GPT-4o, GPT-4, Claude Opus, Gemini, and other LLMs in one platform. Enhance your productivity and creativity with diverse AI capabilities.


  • Unified AI Access: Use multiple leading AI models from one interface.

  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for writing, problem-solving, and learning.

  • Custom Prompts: Tailor AI responses to meet your specific needs.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate and utilize AI tools effortlessly.

Experience the power of AI with ChatArena AI

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