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Apple to Reveal New AI Features for iPhone

PLUS: OpenAI Disbands Team Focused on AI Risks 😲

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In today’s post:

  • Alibaba AI

  • OpenAI disbanding AI risk team

  • Google unveils Astra

  • Apple iPhone AI features

  • Microsoft new mind blowing feature for Windows 11 called Recall


Alibaba Stir up AI Price War with Huge Discounts

Alibaba has slashed prices on its AI services by up to 97%, sparking fierce competition in China's AI market. This move is set to ignite a price war among major tech players like Baidu and ByteDance.

The details:

  • Baidu's response: Offering free services using its Ernie AI models.

  • ByteDance's strategy: Cutting AI service prices by 99% compared to industry norms.

  • Market impact: Increased competition and significant investments from companies like Tencent.

The AI Battle Begins Alibaba's aggressive pricing has set the stage for a major showdown in the AI industry. Expect more tech giants to join the fray, pushing innovation and accessibility in AI services.


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OpenAI Disbands Long-Term AI Risk Team

OpenAI has dissolved its team dedicated to long-term AI risks less than a year after its formation. This comes after key leaders Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike announced their departures.

The details:

  • Team reassignment: Members are being moved to other teams.

  • Leadership exits: Both leaders left due to disagreements on company priorities.

  • Safety concerns: Leike criticized the company's focus on product over safety.

Shifting Priorities OpenAI's internal changes highlight the ongoing debate between rapid AI advancement and the importance of safety measures. The future direction of AI development remains uncertain.


Google Unveils Astra: The Ultimate AI Assistant

Google is set to launch Astra, its most advanced AI assistant yet, later this year. Astra promises to bring enhanced reasoning, planning, and memory skills to users' devices.

The details:

  • Multimodal capabilities: Handles voice, video, and text inputs.

  • Device integration: Available on smartphones, desktops, and potentially smart glasses.

  • Advanced interactions: Astra can identify locations, objects, and more in real-time.

A New Era of AI Assistants Astra is poised to revolutionize how users interact with AI, making everyday tasks easier and more intuitive.

Google's push into advanced AI agents marks a significant step forward in AI technology.


Apple to Reveal AI Features for iPhone

Apple plans to introduce a range of AI features at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, addressing criticisms of lagging behind in AI advancements.

The details:

  • Generative AI tools: Enhancements for Siri and new photo editing features.

  • Notification summaries: AI will auto-summarize news articles and voice memos.

  • Potential partnerships: Rumored collaborations with OpenAI and Google.

Catching Up in the AI Race Apple's upcoming AI features aim to close the gap with competitors and showcase its commitment to integrating advanced AI into its devices. This could redefine the user experience on iPhones.


Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered Recall for Windows 11

Microsoft's new Recall feature for Windows 11 promises to transform how users search and interact with their PC's past activities using advanced AI.

The details:

  • Recall functionality: Searches through past activities, including app usage and conversations.

  • Hardware requirements: Exclusive to PCs with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X processors.

  • Privacy controls: Users can manage what Recall records and stores.

Enhancing User Experience Recall represents a major leap in personal computing, offering users a powerful tool to revisit and manage their digital activities with ease. Microsoft’s AI innovations continue to push the boundaries of technology.

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