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Google AI is better than OpenAI ChatGPT?

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Are you optimistic about AI? 🤖

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AI is here to help us level up and achieve more success in less time.

People are too afraid of AI. I suggest considering AI as an ally, not an enemy. Learn how to use it and become an asset to humanity.

In today’s post, I’ll share with you AI advancements and breakthroughs that you should know about. 🚀

In today’s post:

  • Google AI's new AI model 🤖

  • OpenAI launches “ChatGPT Edu” 💬

  • OpenAI made GPTs free for all, but there’s a catch 🆓

  • Suno 3.5 version is absolutely mind-blowing 🌟


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Google AI Introduces AGREE: Enhancing LLM Accuracy and Citations

Google AI has unveiled AGREE, a new machine learning framework to combat "hallucinations" in Large Language Models (LLMs), ensuring they self-ground their claims with precise citations.

The details:

  • Issue: LLMs often produce plausible but incorrect information.

  • Existing Solutions: Post-hoc citing and prompting-based grounding have limitations.

  • AGREE's Approach:

    • Training: Uses synthetic data to fine-tune LLMs.

    • Test-Time Adaptation (TTA): Enables iterative information seeking for improved accuracy.

    • Evaluation: Demonstrates over 30% improvement in grounding quality across datasets.

AGREE significantly enhances LLM factuality and verifiability, making them more reliable for real-world applications requiring high factual accuracy.


OpenAI Launches ‘ChatGPT Edu’ for Universities

OpenAI introduces ChatGPT Edu, a specialized tool designed to responsibly integrate AI into university campuses.

The details:

  • Capabilities: Powered by GPT-4o, excels in coding, mathematics, text interpretation, and more.

  • Usage: Already adopted by universities like Arizona State, Oxford, and Columbia.

  • Features:

    • Supports 50 languages.

    • Can summarize documents, browse the web, and analyze data.

    • Offers custom versions and additional security features.

ChatGPT Edu promises to revolutionize educational practices by providing safe, efficient, and high-quality AI tools to students and faculty.


Custom GPTs Now Accessible to Free ChatGPT Users

Free ChatGPT users can now explore custom GPTs and enhanced features previously exclusive to paid subscribers.

The details:

  • New Features:

    • Access to custom GPTs for specialized tasks.

    • Data analytics and chart creation.

    • File uploads and memory retention.

  • Limitations: Free users cannot create custom GPTs and face message limits reverting to GPT-3.5 after a threshold.

Opening advanced features to free users democratizes access to powerful AI tools, fostering broader engagement and innovation.


Suno 3.5 Unleashes New Wave of AI Music Creation

Suno AI’s latest update, Suno 3.5, pushes the boundaries of AI music creation, offering new tools for musicians and producers.

The details:

  • Enhanced Capabilities:

    • Generates longer compositions, up to four minutes.

    • Improved musical structure with coherent melodies and rhythms.

  • Innovative Features:

    • Sound-to-song feature converts sound samples into unique musical compositions.

  • Exclusive Access: Pro and Premier members get early access and high-quality downloads.

Suno 3.5 is a game-changer, empowering users to explore new creative possibilities and elevate their musical projects to new heights.

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