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Google I/O 2024: Here's What You Missed

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Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O, is always packed with groundbreaking announcements and this year was no exception. If you didn’t catch the whole two-hour presentation, don’t worry we’ve distilled the key highlights into an easy-to-digest format just for you.


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The Details:

‘Web’ Search Filter:

Google introduced a new "Web" filter for search results, showing only text-based links. This filter appears alongside other filters like images and videos.

It caters to users who prefer classic blue links over Knowledge Panels or AI-generated answers.

Firebase Genkit:

Firebase Genkit is a new open-source framework aimed at helping developers build AI-powered applications in JavaScript/TypeScript, with Go support coming soon.

Use cases include content generation, text translation, and image creation.

AI Overload:

Google's keynote was dominated by AI, with a total of 121 mentions during the 110-minute presentation.

CEO Sundar Pichai humorously pointed out this "hard work" of counting AI references.

Generative AI for Learning:

Google introduced LearnLM, a new family of AI models designed to tutor students conversationally.

It will be piloted in Google Classroom, helping with lesson planning and content discovery.

AI-Generated Quizzes on YouTube:

YouTube is getting AI-generated quizzes to enhance educational videos.

These quizzes help viewers ask clarifying questions and get explanations on video content.

Gemma 2 Updates:

Google announced a new 27-billion-parameter model for Gemma 2, optimized to run on next-gen GPUs.

This model will be available in June, aiming to meet developers' demands for larger AI models.

Google Play Enhancements:

New features for app discovery, user acquisition, and developer tools.

Introduction of the Engage SDK for personalized, full-screen app content experiences.

Scam Detection During Calls:

A new feature in Android will use AI to detect scams during calls by analyzing conversation patterns.

Triggers include common scam tactics like password requests and gift card solicitations.

Ask Photos:

Google Photos will soon let users search their collections using natural language queries, powered by AI.

This feature aims to make photo searches more intuitive.

Gemini in Gmail:

Gmail users will be able to use AI for searching, summarizing, and drafting emails.

It can also help with complex tasks like processing e-commerce returns.

Gemini 1.5 Pro:

An upgrade to Gemini's generative AI capabilities, allowing analysis of longer documents and media.

Can handle up to 2 million tokens, doubling the previous capacity.

Gemini Live:

New voice chat feature allowing real-time, interactive conversations with AI on smartphones.

Integrates visual and speech recognition for contextually aware interactions.

Gemini Nano:

The smallest AI model from Google, built into the Chrome desktop client, starting with Chrome 126.

Powers features like the "help me write" tool in Gmail.

Gemini on Android:

Gemini will replace Google Assistant on Android, offering deeper integration with mobile OS and apps.

Features include AI-generated image sharing and "Ask this video" on YouTube.

Gemini on Google Maps:

AI capabilities coming to Google Maps, providing generative AI summaries for places and areas.

Useful for developers to create descriptions without manual input.

TPU Performance Boost:

Google unveiled the sixth generation of its Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), named Trillium.

These TPUs offer a 4.7x performance boost and enhanced SparseCore for better AI processing.

AI in Search:

More AI-powered features in Google Search, including generative AI summaries and trip planning.

AI Overview feature now generally available after testing in Google AI Labs.

Generative AI Upgrades:

Introduction of Imagen 3, a new generative AI model for creating detailed and accurate images from text prompts.

Improved text rendering and fewer errors compared to previous models.

Project IDX:

Google’s new AI-centric browser-based development environment, now in open beta.

Integrations include Google Maps Platform, Chrome Dev Tools, and Cloud Run deployment.


Google's new AI model for creating 1080p video clips from text prompts, targeting competitors like OpenAI's Sora.

Can capture different visual styles and make edits to generated footage.

Circle to Search:

AI-powered feature allowing Android users to get answers by circling or highlighting text.

Enhanced for solving complex problems and helping with homework.

Pixel 8a:

The new Pixel 8a smartphone, priced at $499, features the Tensor G3 chip and ships immediately.

Pixel Slate:

Google’s Pixel Tablet, called Slate, is now available without the dock, previously reviewed as its main feature.

From AI Everywhere to Cutting-Edge Devices, Google I/O 2024 Had It All

This year's Google I/O was a testament to the company's commitment to AI and innovative technologies. From new AI models like LearnLM and Gemini to practical tools like Firebase Genkit and scam detection features, Google continues to push the envelope. Keep an eye on these developments, they're bound to shape the tech landscape in the coming months.

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