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  • GPT-4o can make you a superhuman 🦸‍♂️

GPT-4o can make you a superhuman 🦸‍♂️

Maximize productivity and accomplish more in 2 hours than most achieve in 2 weeks with these prompts:

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OpenAI made GPT-4o available for free.

But most ChatGPT users aren't leveraging it for productivity.

It can be your productivity partner.

That's why I'm sharing these prompts that have saved me hours.

Copy and paste them into the GPT-4o model for the best results:


Your Everywhere and All-in-One AI Assistant

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    • Translate

    • Summarize

    • Adjust tone

    • Customized Prompts

  3. Save, search, and recall information with one click

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1/ Task Prioritization.

The Prompt:

"List all tasks for today, prioritize them based on urgency and impact, and create a schedule to complete them. [Input: Task List]"

2/ Email Management.

The Prompt:

"Draft responses for all unread emails in my inbox that require attention. [Input: Email Content]"

3/ Content Creation.

The Prompt:

"Generate a detailed outline for a blog post about [Input: Topic]. Include key points, subheadings, and relevant examples."

4/ Meeting Summaries.

The Prompt:

"Summarize the key points and action items from the meeting on [Input: Meeting Date and Topic]."

5/ Research Compilation.

The Prompt:

"Gather and summarize the latest research on [Input: Research Topic], highlighting the most important findings."

6/ Social Media Planning.

The Prompt:

"Create a content calendar for the next month with post ideas for [Input: Social Media Platform]. Include post titles and brief descriptions."

7/ Project Planning.

The Prompt:

"Develop a detailed project plan for [Input: Project Name], including milestones, deadlines, and assigned tasks."

8/ Code Debugging.

The Prompt:

"Identify and fix bugs in the following code snippet: [Input: Code Snippet]. Provide an explanation of the solution."

9/ Proposal Writing.

The Prompt:

"Draft a business proposal for [Input: Business Idea], including objectives, strategies, and potential outcomes."

10/ Learning New Skills.

The Prompt:

"Create a step-by-step learning plan to master [Input: Skill or Topic], including resources and practice exercises."

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