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I run over 7 startups, each generating $100k+ annually.

How do I manage this?

I rely on tools like ChatGPT, Chapple, and several others to save time and maximize productivity.

When GPT-4o was launched, I expected just another mediocre update. But I was wrong—it was a game-changer.

I used GPT-4o to accelerate the growth of my latest startup, and the results were incredible.

In this post, I'll share the exact prompts I used to build and grow my new startup, so you can achieve the same success.


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GPT-4o Prompts for business:

Here’re are the prompts which you can use to build and scale up your business the EASY WAY:

1/ Market Analysis Deep Dive

"Analyze the current trends in the [Add industry] market, including growth rates, major players, and emerging opportunities."

2/ Competitor Strategy Evaluation

"Provide a detailed breakdown of [Add competitor's name] business strategy, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats."

3/ Innovative Product Ideas

"Generate 5 innovative product ideas for [Add industry/business] that address current market gaps and consumer needs."

4/ Marketing Strategy Formulation

"Create a comprehensive marketing strategy for [Add product/service], focusing on digital platforms and including key messaging, target audiences, and KPIs."

5/ Customer Persona Development

"Develop detailed customer personas for our target market in [Add industry/business], including demographics, interests, and purchasing behavior."

6/ Sales Script Crafting

"Draft a persuasive sales script for [Add product/service] that addresses common customer pain points and highlights unique selling propositions."

7/ Business Plan Outline

"Outline a business plan for a startup in [Add industry], including market analysis, product offerings, marketing strategies, and financial projections."

8/ Content Marketing Ideas

"Generate a list of 10 content marketing ideas that [Add business name] can use to engage our target audience and boost our brand visibility online."

9/ SWOT Analysis

"Conduct a SWOT analysis for [Add business name], identifying key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in our current business model."

10/ Customer Feedback Analysis

"Analyze customer feedback for [Add product/service] to identify common themes, suggestions for improvement, and potential areas for new features or services."

I tried 200+ prompts and wasted hours on GPT-4o.

These were the best prompts which provided me with the results I wanted.

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