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PLUS: Sora AI's first music video and ChatRTX by NVIDIA

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People often miss how fast AI is improving. Nvidia's new ChatRTX chatbot is changing how users interact with RTX GPUs. X's Grok AI summarizes news with amazing efficiency.

In this post, you're going to learn about these advancements and other AI innovation.

In today’s post:

  • Sora AI

  • NVIDA Chatbot

  • Grok AI

  • ChatGPT-5 and its capabilities


OpenAI has a new project, Sora, that's making pop music videos. It creates realistic, high-quality videos. Paul Trillo directed one for the song "The Hardest Part" by Washed Out, also known as Ernest Weatherly Greene Jr.

The Details:

  • Sora, known for turning text into video clips, now also makes music videos.

  • The video brings to life a concept Paul Trillo had for ten years, adding to the visual impact of "The Great Divide" by The Shins.

  • To create it, 55 clips made from text were edited together in Adobe Premiere Pro, resulting in a smooth story with few adjustments needed afterwards.

  • The AI-created characters and scenes have a unique charm, making brief but memorable appearances that contribute to the story's creative feel.

A New Era of Music Videos

OpenAI's Sora combines AI with music video production, expanding creative limits and transforming the music industry. It could signal a new era where technology and art merge beautifully.


Nvidia introduces ChatRTX, changing how we interact with PCs.

Nvidia's new ChatRTX runs on RTX GPUs. It's faster and has new features to make using your PC more personal.

The Details:

  • ChatRTX lets you train your own AI on your files, making data handling fast and private.

  • You can interact with different types of files and manage image folders using voice commands.

  • It supports several languages now, thanks to new models.

  • By using CLIP technology, the bot is really good at recognizing photos and managing files accurately.

AI Makes Things Better

Nvidia's ChatRTX isn't just better. It changes how we use digital content. As AI gets into everything we do, ChatRTX is at the front, making computing more interactive and personal.


Learn AI in 5 Minutes a Day

AI Tool Report is one of the fastest-growing and most respected newsletters in the world, with over 550,000 readers from companies like OpenAI, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, and more.

Our research team spends hundreds of hours a week summarizing the latest news, and finding you the best opportunities to save time and earn more using AI.


X introduces Grok AI for easy news summaries

X, once Twitter, now has a new feature for premium users: 'Stories' by Grok AI. It gives short, AI-made summaries of trending news.

The Details:

  • User-Centric Design: Grok AI makes it easy to keep up with trends you care about.

  • Premium Access: If you subscribe, you get better engagement without having to look hard.

  • Innovative Summarization: Grok does the summarizing automatically, making things smooth.

  • Content and Controversy: Grok gives quick summaries based on what people talk about, but there's a worry it might spread misinformation.

Making Information Simple

Grok AI is changing the game by making news easier to handle. It's not just about reading news anymore; it's about making it fit into the busy digital world we live in. This is important as our online spaces get more crowded. Grok AI helps users find and interact with the content that matters.


OpenAI's Future Looks Bright with GPT-5

Sam Altman, the CEO, says GPT-5 will be a big step up from GPT-4, smarter and more useful.

The Details:

  • Striving for Excellence: OpenAI thinks GPT-4 could be better. It's good, but they aim higher.

  • Future Projections: Expect big things from GPT-5. Even more from GPT-6.

  • Cost vs. Innovation: OpenAI spends a lot to make things that let people do more, better.

  • Development Philosophy: OpenAI likes to move fast and make things better bit by bit, aiming for the best quality.

A Simple Vision for Smarter AI

Altman sees OpenAI getting better over time. Each new version of GPT aims to be smarter and more helpful. With GPT-5 on the horizon, AI is set to become a bigger part of our digital lives.

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