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How to create ANYTHING with AI in 3 minutes

And: Latest in AI world + business growth opportunity.

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ChatGPT started the revolution.

Now, with these 20,000+ AI tools, we can do anything we want.

But 99% don't know what to do with these tools.

In this post, well help you learn how to create ANYTHING with AI.

In todays post:


  • How to use AI to create anything in 3 minutes

  • Business opportunity

Read time: 2 minutes

Create Anything with AI:

Learn how to create ANYTHING with AI in 3 minutes:

Now create these in a blink of an eye:


  • No more slide masters or template lock-in

  • Restyle your entire deck in just one click

  • Use a flexible template to work faster

  • Share online with publishing + analytics

  • Measure engagement with built-in analytics

Use Gamma App to create presentations in seconds. No need to waste time manually creating presentations.

Try this.

Content creation:

Use Chapple AI for creating content.

This is your all-in-one content creation and money-making tool.

What you can use Chapple AI for:

  • Human-like content generation

  • Article writing, social media content creation, and more.

  • AI voiceover generations

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Website building:

Use Durable AI for building websites.

This platform is your go-to solution for creating sleek, responsive websites effortlessly.

What you can use Durable AI for:

  • Intuitive website design

  • Customizable templates for various industries

  • SEO optimization and analytics integration

Dubbing content:

Use DubDub for your dubbing needs.

Transform your media content with seamless dubbing in multiple languages.

What you can use DubDub for:

  • AI-powered voice dubbing

  • Syncing dubbed audio with video

  • Multiple language support for global reach

Link: DubDub

AI avatar creation:

Use Heygen for AI avatar video creation.

Bring your digital communication to life with realistic AI avatars.

What you can use Heygen for:

  • Customizable AI avatar videos

  • Interactive video content for education, marketing, and more

  • Easy integration with various platforms

Link: Heygen

AI influencer creation:

Use GetFame AI for creating AI influencers.

Craft your digital persona and engage audiences with AI-generated influencers.

What you can use GetFame AI for:

  • Customizable AI influencer creation

  • Social media content generation and management

  • Audience engagement and analytics

Logo generator:

Use Brandmark for generating logos.

Design your brand identity with AI-powered logo creation.

Brandmark can be used for:

  • Custom logo design based on brand values and aesthetics

  • Easy-to-use design tools for non-designers

  • High-quality logo assets for all branding needs

Link: Brandmark

Videos generator:

Use Pixverse AI to generate videos.

Create stunning videos in minutes with the power of AI.

Pixverse AI can be used for:

  • Automated video creation from text or scripts

  • Customizable video templates for various purposes

  • AI-driven editing features for professional results

Short-form content creation:

Use Pictory AI for short-form content creation.

Efficiently transform long content into engaging short-form videos and text.

What you can use Pictory AI for:

  • Converting blog posts and articles into short videos.

  • Generating concise text summaries from long content.

  • Enhancing social media engagement with snappy videos.

No need to waste time anymore.

Use these tool for content creation and win!


Heres what happening in AI space:

  • Microsoft's NaturalSpeech 3:

    Revolutionizes voice synthesis by breaking down speech into content, tone, and sound quality. Creates human-like voices tailored to prompts, outperforming competitors.

  • Google's search update targets AI spam:

    Updates algorithms to combat low-quality and AI-generated spam. Judges content based on usefulness, gives sites 60 days to comply.

  • Google's RT-Sketch for robot training:

    Allows users to teach robots tasks by drawing simple sketches. Outperforms other methods in handling ambiguity and distractions.

  • Google's Gemini chatbot update:

    Enables users to edit responses within the chatbox for more precise outputs.

  • Adobe's AI boosts IBM's marketing efficiency:

    Increases designer productivity and reduces campaign time with generative AI tools.

  • Zapier Central:

    Lets users create custom AI bots without coding, working with 6,000+ connected apps.

  • Accenture partners with Cohere for AI solutions:

    Provides generative AI solutions to businesses for increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Meta's mega AI model for video recommendations:

    Developing a single AI model to improve video recommendations across platforms by 2026.

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