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Meta AI is actually better than ChatGPT

PLUS: Perplexity, a Google search competitor valued at $1 Billion and more.

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Big players like Meta, Google, OpenAI, Elon Musk's xAIs Grok, and Amazon are on a relentless AI innovation streak.

I feel like were not going to get bored in 2024.

Every day brings something new that amazes us, keeping us entertained in this otherwise boring life

Today, we are going to explore what Meta AI brings to the table and other AI stories that you care about.

In todays post:

  • Meta AI

  • BBC AI

  • Perplexity $1 billion valuation

  • NVIDIA acquisition of Run:ai



Meta's New AI Assistant Expands Across Platforms

Meta has made a significant leap into artificial intelligence with the rollout of Meta AI, a new assistant designed to enhance user interactions on its major platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

The details:

  • Versatility: Meta AI can answer queries, create animations, and generate images, boosting user engagement.

  • Advanced Technology: Developed from Meta's latest large language model, Meta Llama 3, it sets a new standard for AI capabilities.

  • Collaboration: Unique partnerships with Google and Microsoft integrate varied search engine results, enhancing the assistant's utility.

  • Accessibility: Integrated directly into the search functionalities of each platform, Meta AI is designed for ease of use across different contexts.

Meta's rollout marks a significant shift in how users will interact with social media. By blending advanced AI with user-friendly design, Meta is paving the way for a more interactive and integrated digital experience.

Check it out here on the web Meta AI


BBC Enhances Bitesize with AI

The BBC is set to revolutionize its educational services with a new 瞿6 million investment in AI for its Bitesize platform, aiming to make learning more personalized and engaging.

The details:

  • Innovation: The investment will transform Bitesize from a digital textbook into a dynamic learning environment that adapts to individual users.

  • Historical Context: Coinciding with the centenary of its first educational broadcast, BBC leverages its longstanding educational heritage.

  • Future-Focused: This move aims to secure a lasting relationship with the younger demographics, ensuring the BBC remains relevant in the digital age.

  • Supplementary Tools: New features will include personalized testing and content suggestions to enhance learning depth.

Educating the Digital Generation: The BBC's investment in AI reflects its commitment to evolving with its audience. By enriching its educational offerings, the BBC not only preserves but also enhances its role as a trusted educational provider.


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Perplexity Raises $1 Billion to Challenge Google

Perplexity, an emerging AI search company, has secured a new valuation of $1 billion after a successful funding round, positioning itself as a formidable competitor to Google.

The details:

  • Rapid Growth: The recent $63 million funding round reflects a significant valuation increase, signaling strong market confidence.

  • Daily Utility: Endorsed by high-profile tech leaders, Perplexity's AI chatbot is becoming an essential tool for daily online interactions.

  • Strategic Expansion: Plans include rolling out an enterprise version and expanding into new markets with key partnerships.

  • Innovative Features: The AI offers enhanced search capabilities, including query refinement and result summarization.

Redefining Search: Perplexity's rise challenges traditional search engines and demonstrates the transformative potential of AI in enhancing how we access information.


Nvidia Acquires Run:ai for $700 Million

In a strategic move to bolster its AI capabilities, Nvidia has announced the acquisition of Run:ai, a company specializing in optimizing AI applications on GPUs.

The details:

  • Enhanced Optimization: Run:ai's technology allows for better management of GPU resources, crucial for complex AI tasks.

  • Strategic Alignment: The acquisition complements Nvidia's existing offerings, aiming to create a more integrated AI infrastructure.

  • Industry Impact: Run:ai's innovative approach has already made it a key player in AI optimization, with notable clients and partnerships.

  • Future Prospects: This acquisition is expected to significantly enhance Nvidia's position in the AI market.

Powering the Future of AI: With Run:ai, Nvidia not only strengthens its market dominance but also sets the stage for future innovations in AI technology. Read the whole thing here

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