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Write emails, blogs, social media posts, generate images, voiceovers, and more. You might switch to this tool and unsubscribe from ChatGPT.

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$20 for GPT-4 is not a smart investment.

What do you get?

A GPT-4 model, DALL-E for image generation, and some other perks.

The GPT-4o model is free, but it has limited generations.

Let me share with you the tool I’ve developed for busy creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Introducing Chapple AI:

Your all-in-one writing and content creation tool.

You don't have to waste $20/month on ChatGPT and other subscriptions like:

  • Midjourney

  • ElevenLabs

  • Email writing tools

  • Blog writing tools

And more.

With Chapple AI, you can do ANYTHING.

Here’s a glance at Chapple AI’s features that can help you save time and money:

1/ AI Writer:

There are 200+ built-in tools for:

  1. Writing blogs

  2. Advertising

  3. Academic purposes

  4. Business use

  5. YouTube/Reels/TikTok script writing

  6. Website optimization

And more.

Explore here at:

2/ AI Voiceover:

Why pay $20 extra for ElevenLabs?

When you can get it in Chapple AI with one subscription.

It’s mind-boggling to me that people waste money on multiple tools.

In Chapple AI, you can use 30+ popular voices for your voiceovers.

Bonus: You can also clone your voice or a celebrity’s voice in Chapple AI and use it for voiceovers.

Give it a shot here:

3/ AI Image Generation:

Now use the latest version of DALL-E and Stable Diffusion in one place for image generation with advanced features.

  1. Choose a mode

  2. Add styles, etc.

  3. Enter a prompt

  4. Generate

Check out this feature here:

4/ AI Rewriter:

No need to use Quillbot.

In Chapple AI, you can use the AI Rewriter for repurposing your content.

It's easy to use and has the features you need to repurpose your content.

Give it a shot here:

5/ AI Social Media Manager:

Chapple AI has a social media manager that you can use for managing your LinkedIn and 𝕏 accounts.

It's super easy to connect and automate your accounts.

Check it out here:

Why use Chapple AI when you can use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is just amazing.

You can use it for writing, copywriting, script writing, and more.

But is it easy to use?

Some will say “yes“ but in reality its not.

You need to know prompt writing is and spend hours to get things done.

Whereas, Chapple AI has every single tool you need to create content in seconds without learning prompting.

From blog writing to AI voiceovers.

These features are just the beginning.

There are 150+ AI tools built into Chapple AI that you can explore to create and write content in seconds.

Discover the full potential at:

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