OpenAI launches new AI model 🤯

PLUS: Make GPT-4 and GPT-store free and launches a new powerful voice assistant

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OpenAI's latest Spring Update event was filled with thrilling announcements, leaving AI enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation.

From a new GPT-4o model to an impressive voice assistant, OpenAI showcased its latest advancements and hinted at a future full of possibilities.

Here’s everything you need to know about in just 3 minutes:


Custom Chatbots for Free Users: For the first time, free ChatGPT users can create custom chatbots.

New GPT-4o Model: This efficient, multimodal model powers both the free and paid versions of ChatGPT, analyzing images, videos, and speech.

Enhanced Voice Assistant: A new ChatGPT Voice with human-like interactions and real-time translation capabilities.

ChatGPT Desktop App: The app comes with voice and vision capabilities, set to launch gradually over the next few weeks.

Key Highlights from the Event:

A New Standard in Voice Assistants

OpenAI's latest voice assistant, powered by GPT-4o, promises to outshine Apple's Siri.

This assistant not only converses naturally but also handles real-time translations and vision-based tasks, setting a new benchmark in AI capabilities.

Vision and Emotion Recognition

The upgraded ChatGPT can detect emotions through camera input, making interactions more intuitive and personalized.

Whether solving math problems or reacting to a compliment, the AI demonstrates a nuanced understanding of human emotions.

Real-Time Translation

During a live demo, ChatGPT Voice translated conversations between Italian and English seamlessly.

This feature is poised to revolutionize travel and cross-cultural communication.

AI-Powered Tutoring and Coding Assistance

ChatGPT's vision capabilities extend to coding and educational support. It can analyze and provide feedback on code, helping users learn and troubleshoot in real time.

Making AI Accessible

By bringing GPT-4-level intelligence to free users, OpenAI aims to democratize advanced AI.

The new model is more efficient, allowing for broader access to custom chatbots and vision tools without additional costs.

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