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  • OpenAI stole YouTube data to train GPT-4 😳

OpenAI stole YouTube data to train GPT-4 😳

And Spotify launches personalized AI playlists that you can build using prompts.

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It's not easy to build a LLM like GPT-4.

But the companies should take care of the ethical use of data.

Let's explore the AI advancements and breakthroughs in a few minutes with easy-to-understand points:

In today’s post:

  • OpenAI secretly training on YouTube data for GPT-4

  • Spotify prompt to playlist

  • Apple AI pairing with ShutterStock

  • Elon Musk's startup, xAI, is set to raise $3 billion

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Recently, it was revealed that OpenAI trained its GPT-4 model by reading over a million hours of YouTube videos. This has caused a lot of ethical and legal debate.

The details:

  • In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mira Murati, CTO of OpenAI, was asked tough questions about where the data for their AI model Sora came from.

  • The hesitant answers Murati gave during the interview made people curious, which led to more research.

  • It was found that OpenAI may have trained GPT-4 using a huge cache of YouTube videos without getting permission to do so.

  • This discovery has started debates about how fair and legal AI training methods are, showing the conflict between new ideas and protecting intellectual property.

Ethical Problems with the Development of AI
OpenAI's plan to use YouTube's huge library of videos to train AI shows how hard it is to make progress in technology while still following moral guidelines. As AI's need for data grows, so does concern over how that data is collected. This calls for a fresh look at the lines between innovation and honesty in the digital age.


Spotify is taking playlist creation to a new level with its AI playlists feature, allowing users to generate unique playlists through written prompts, adding a personal touch to music curation.

The details:

  • Users can request playlists with creative prompts like "songs to serenade my cat" or "beats to battle a zombie apocalypse."

  • The AI leverages large language models and Spotify's personalization technology to tailor playlists to individual tastes.

  • Users can refine playlists with feedback like "less upbeat" or "more pop" and swipe away unwanted tracks.

  • This innovation follows Spotify's AI DJ feature, showing the company's commitment to integrating AI into user experiences.

Your Personal Music Expert
Spotify's AI playlists are more than a feature; they're a testament to how AI can enhance our daily experiences, offering a bespoke soundtrack to our lives with just a few words.


Apple is working with ShutterStock to improve its AI and add more advanced image recognition and editing technologies to its products.

Read further to know what these 2 companies are doing:

  • Apple will use Shutterstock's huge library of photos, videos, and sounds to train its AI models as part of the deal, which could be worth $50 million.

  • The goal of this partnership is to make Apple devices better at things like voice recognition and automatic transcription.

  • Google, Amazon, and Meta are some of the other tech giants that use Shutterstock's content to help develop AI.

  • The partnership shows that Apple is serious about being a leader in AI innovation, especially before its much-anticipated WWDC conference.

Apple's AI Goals Come to Light
Apple's partnership with ShutterStock is more than just a business deal. It's a strategic move to stay on the cutting edge of AI innovation, which will improve user experiences across all of its devices.


Elon Musk's xAI is in the spotlight, with reports of a significant fundraising effort to fuel its growth in the competitive AI landscape.

What’s this means:

  • Investors are reportedly discussing a $3 billion fundraising round for xAI, valuing the startup at $18 billion.

  • This follows Musk's previous statements denying fundraising claims, adding a layer of intrigue to the company's financial maneuvers.

  • xAI's ambitions are set against a backdrop of booming investment in AI, with venture capital flowing freely into the sector.

  • Musk's venture is part of his broader vision to develop AI that balances innovation with safety, amidst industry concerns about the technology's reliability and ethical implications.

Musk's AI Strategy
As xAI navigates the turbulent waters of AI investment and development, its journey reflects the broader industry's excitement and anxieties about the future of artificial intelligence, with Musk at the helm steering towards uncharted territories.


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