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  • Robots Will Dominate Humans, Says Elon Musk

Robots Will Dominate Humans, Says Elon Musk

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AI has changed the world. Those who has access to any type of AI theyre scared and optimistic. Elon Musk said that AI is going to take over humanity and his estimates were 10 to 20%.

Read all of these stories and see what the new events add to the picture:

In todays post:

  • OpenAI launched free chatGPT 3.5 model that anyone can use without login

  • Meta AI is labelling ruthlessly AI generated content

  • Elon Musk on humanitys extinction

  • Affiliate marketing: Make $10k a month with Affiliate marketing


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ChatGPTs New Access Model

You can now use ChatGPT without making an account, which is a big deal from OpenAI. The goal of this update is to make AI more open to people around the world who are interested in it.

This doesn't work for all OpenAI goods, though. For example, DALL-E 3 still needs a subscription.

The specifics:

The news from OpenAI is a smart move to make ChatGPT more popular.

Even though it's now easier to get to, some advanced functions and other OpenAI services still require an account.

OpenAI has added more content protections and will continue to give people the chance to choose not to have their model training data used.

Changing with AI: This move shows that OpenAI wants to make AI technology more open to everyone while still protecting user privacy and safety. It's a step toward a time when people can freely and safely experience AI's potential.


With the promise to flag AI-generated or altered material across its platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, Meta is stepping up its game in the artificial intelligence field. Fighting disinformation and keeping the internet open and honest is a larger goal of this campaign.

The specifics:

  • If Meta detects and labels material as "Made with AI," it will raise user awareness.

  • A As a direct response to the problem of disinformation, the labeling applies to a wide range of media.

  • A The approach taken by Meta strikes a balance between openness and the protection of free speech on the internet.

A Digital Future That Is Open and Honest:

Meta is leading the way in digital communication transparency by labeling AI-generated material, which protects the integrity of online information and keeps people informed.


Elon Musk, the founder of xAI and a thinker, has given us a new look at AI's future by saying that there is a 1020% chance that AI will put people in danger.

Even so, he supports the development of AI because he thinks the pros are greater than the cons.

The specifics:

  • Musk's new estimate of the AI risk is different from his earlier, more careful view.

  • He talks about how important it is to build AI in an ethical way, comparing it to taking care of a child who is very smart.

  • Musk and experts like Geoffrey Hinton stress how important it is for AI to be honest and warn against teaching it to lie,

Finding Your Way Through AI's Future: Musk's comments show how difficult it is to balance using AI's potential with minimizing its risks. This shows how important ethical guidance is in the growth of AI.


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