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This new ChatGPT alternative is on steroids

ChatGPT hallucinates a lot and make content like a robot. Use this new alternative to supercharge your content creation.

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ChatGPT is a powerful tool—everyone knows this, right?

But are you aware of its limitations in writing personalized content?

Here's a new powerful alternative that not only writes personalized content but also can:

  • Perform AI voiceovers

  • Write blogs

  • Craft ad copy

  • Generate images

  • Convert YouTube videos into blogs

  • Function as a Chatbot

  • Write code and more.

Let's explore this tool and delve deeper into the AI space you care about:

In today’s post:

  • A powerful ChatGPT alternative

  • A productivity magnet for busy creators, entrepreneurs, and CEOs

  • LATEST in AI space

  • Exclusive offer for readers

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ChatGPT alternative:

Introducing Chapple:

Chapple AI is a ChatGPT competitor with superpowers. Chapple AI can generate captivating content for anyone in seconds.

Unlock the power of Chapple AI, your ultimate content creation partner.

You can learn more about the tool here at Chapple AI

Chapple also has an App. Download it here: Chapple AI

Use this code to get 70% on the mobile app for premium features: APP70

How to use Chapple for content creation:

Without wasting time on writing lengthy complex prompts, use Chapple AI for writing blogs, social media posts, and more in seconds.

Here’s how:

Blog generation:

Here's how to use Chapple AI to write a blog with SEO-optimized content:

Step: 1 Sign up for free

Go to Chapple.ai and sign up

You'll get 1,000 free tokens that you can use to write your blog.

Explore the tool for free and start writing.

Post Title:

Here's how to generate a post title or hook:

  1. Explore the tools

  2. Find the "Post title generate"

  3. Click on it

  4. Write the description carefully

  5. Choose the style or tone.

Hit generate.

Blog writing:

  1. Find the "Article generator (SEO)".

  2. Add the post title you generated.

  3. Include keywords for a blog tailored to your preferences.

  4. Adjust the style.


Here’s how you can write a blog from scratch easily using Chapple AI. No need to waste time on writing prompts that don’t get you any results.

Social media content creation

Content planner:

Use Chapple.ai to create a social media content plan:

Chapple optimizes your social media strategy for effective growth.

Twitter posts:

Make a lasting impact with each tweet.

Create attention-grabbing social media posts to boost engagement.

Chapple can help you create content for:

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest

And every other social media platform out there.

Try chapple.ai today to get started as a creator.

Newsletter writing

Find "Newsletter Generator" in Chapple AI.

And click on it:

But before that, you can use other tools in Chapple to write an engaging hook/headline for your newsletter.

Note: With the Newsletter generator, it'll generate a hook for you.

Try Chapple.ai for free to 10x your workflow without hiring anyone.

Rewriting content

Here's how to rewrite content using Chapple:

  1. Sign up at chapple.ai

  2. Navigate to the dashboard and click on "AI rewriter"

  3. Copy/paste your blog or content into the "Description" field

  4. Click "Generate"


Image generation:

Here's how to generate mind-blowing images:

  1. Click on "AI image."

  2. Write the prompt.

  3. Specify what you want to generate in plain language.

  4. Hit "Generate."


Turn YouTube videos into blogs using Chapple:

Getting Started:

  1. Visit chapple AI and sign up for free.

  2. After signing up, scroll down.

  3. Look for "AI YouTube".

  4. Copy the YouTube video link and paste it in.

  5. Choose your language.

  6. Select an action (For this time, choose "blog").


Download the file and send it to your client who requested the YouTube video to Blogpost conversion.

Chapple is your all-in-one content creation tool that you can use to 10x your workflow.

Give it a try here Chapple AI

Here’s a coupon code for you to get 70% off: APP70

A productivity magnet

Introducing Smart sloth:

A task manager that you can use to save hours.

Combine Pomodoro Timer with Task Management, Smart Sloth is a science-based app that will motivate you to stay focused and get things done.

  • Set length of each task

  • Get notified when time runs out

  • Simple gesture-based control

  • Whiz through tasks without leaving the notification center

  • Customization options

Smart Sloth is perfect if you're looking to:

  • Sharpen focus

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Conquer perfectionism

  • Create a personal or work routine

  • Make a dent in big tasks

  • Be more time conscious

Try the tool today to save time and be more productive!

Latest in AI space:

What’s happening in AI space?

  • Meet Devin: the world’s first AI software engineer capable of debugging, writing, and deploying code.

  • Microsoft will release its GenAI-powered security tool, Copilot for Security, to the world on April 1.

  • Amazon enables sellers to create product pages simply by pasting a link, using AI.

  • As the election approaches, AI image-generator Midjourney restricts images of Biden and Trump.

  • Anthropic has unveiled the Claude 3 AI prompt library.

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