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  • This new video ads generator is crazy 🤯

This new video ads generator is crazy 🤯

And: Use Grok as a premium subscriber this week

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Digital marketing agencies are now going to save a lot of money by using AI in their workflow for generating photorealistic ads.

Let’s explore what these new AI inventions and stories bring to the table:

In today’s post:

  • OpenAI’s Sora new videos made by filmmakers

  • Elon Musk is giving access of Grok to all premium subscribers

  • AI generated ads that’ll blow your mind

  • Anthropic Claude 3 AI models and opus beats ChatGPT in everything except image generation

  • Suno V3: Song-on-demand is revolutionizing music industry

  • 7 AI tools to use

OpenAI’s Sora AI

OpenAI’s Sora new videos made by filmmakers

OpenAI has released its Sora AI video generator to select artists and filmmakers. This tool has sparked significant interest in the AI video domain. Creative professionals are now exploring Sora's potential, creating innovative videos.

  • OpenAI introduces Sora to artists and filmmakers.

  • Sora is gaining traction in the AI video industry.

  • Professionals are using Sora to produce various artistic videos.

  • Concerns arise about the source material for training Sora.

Why this matters: Sora represents a new frontier in AI-powered creativity, enabling artists to push boundaries without financial constraints. However, it raises important questions about data use and copyrights.

Here’s some mind-blowing videos generated by filmmakers and video creators:

Shy kids:

Paul Trillo:

Josephine Miller:

Nik Kleverov:

Don Allen Stevenson III:

Access to Grok this week

Elon Musk is giving access of Grok to all premium subscribers

Elon Musk's company X plans to expand access to its AI chatbot Grok to more subscribers. This move aims to boost user engagement on X and compete with other AI platforms.

  • X will offer Grok to more subscribers.

  • Grok's expansion targets increased user retention.

  • Competes with other AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Claude.

  • Musk's previous actions have impacted advertiser relations and user numbers.

Why this matters: Grok's broader availability could influence the competitive landscape of AI chatbots and X's market position, highlighting the interplay between technology advancements and business strategies.

AI-generated ads for marketing

Now with AI generate ads like these to boost your business

I was shocked and surprised to see this ad.

I thought it might be a prank or something.

But this ad was really made by AI.

The ad is created using this tool called Arcads AI

Try it today if you want realistic ads for your ad campaigns.

Anthropic’s Claude 3 models

Anthropic's Claude 3 AI Models have surpassed ChatGPT in benchmarks

Anthropic introduces Claude 3, featuring three advanced AI models: Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus. These models offer distinct capabilities, catering to various user needs.

  • Anthropic releases three Claude 3 models: Haiku, Sonnet, Opus.

  • Models range from fast customer service to complex problem-solving.

  • Opus introduces vision capabilities, broadening potential applications.

  • Benchmarks show Claude 3 outperforming rivals in some areas.

Why this matters: Claude 3's diverse capabilities and vision integration signify a significant step in AI development, potentially reshaping how industries utilize artificial intelligence.

Suno V3: Song on demand AI is on fire

Suno's AI-Generated Music Tool

Suno launches a text-to-music AI tool, enabling users to create songs with simple text inputs. This innovation continues to blur the lines between human and AI creativity in music.

  • Suno releases an AI tool for music generation.

  • Users can create songs from text prompts in various styles.

  • The tool offers options for personalization and stylistic choices.

  • Raises questions about the future of human musicianship.


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  3. Nextool AI: Your tools directory

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  7. Tome: Stunning presentations creator

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