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This week in AI: OpenAI, Microsoft, Humane, TikTok, and Truecaller's AI

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In today’s post:

  • Meta’s AI council

  • Truecaller’s AI

  • Humane AI Pin

  • TikTok’s Generative AI for Ads

  • Seoul AI Summit

  • Microsoft’s AI PCs

  • OpenAI’s Voice Controversy

  • U.K. Legalizes Autonomous Driving


Meta’s AI Council: Lacking Diversity

Meta announced its new AI advisory council, but it’s raising eyebrows.

The details:

  • Council Composition: Comprised entirely of white men.

  • Lack of Diversity: This is problematic as marginalized groups are most affected by AI.

  • AI Ethics: The council’s decisions could lack diverse perspectives.

Tone-Deaf Decision Meta’s council needs more diversity to make well-rounded decisions on AI ethics.


Truecaller’s AI: Answer Calls in Your Voice

Truecaller is partnering with Microsoft to enhance its services.

The details:

  • New Feature: Use AI to answer calls in your own voice.

  • Microsoft Partnership: Leverages advanced AI tech.

  • User Control: Users can personalize their call responses.

Personalized AI Assistance Truecaller’s new feature offers a unique, personalized touch to call handling.


Humane AI Pin: Seeking a Buyer

Humane’s AI Pin, despite the hype, is now up for sale.

The details:

  • High Price: The company seeks between $750 million and $1 billion.

  • Mixed Reviews: The AI Pin didn’t live up to expectations.

  • Sale Stage: Early in the process.

Reassessing Value Humane’s AI Pin needs a new owner to unlock its potential.

TikTok’s Generative AI for Ads:

TikTok’s Generative AI for Ads

TikTok is jumping on the generative AI bandwagon for its ad business.

The details:

  • New Tools: TikTok Symphony AI suite for brands.

  • AI Capabilities: Helps create scripts, videos, and enhance ads.

  • Marketing Edge: Aims to boost ad effectiveness.

AI-Powered Advertising TikTok’s new tools could revolutionize how brands create and optimize ads.

Seoul AI Summit:

Seoul AI Summit: Commitment to Safety

In Seoul, AI leaders gathered to focus on safety measures.

The details:

  • Safety Measures: Governments and companies agreed on basic AI safety protocols.

  • International Network: Plans to establish a global AI safety research network.

Prioritizing Safety The Seoul summit emphasizes the importance of AI safety on a global scale.

Microsoft’s AI PCs:

Microsoft’s AI PCs: The Next Generation

Microsoft unveiled new AI-powered PCs at its Build conference.

The details:

  • New Lineup: Windows Copilot+ PCs with generative AI features.

  • Innovative Tools: Features like Recall to help users find content.

  • Enhanced Productivity: AI integration aims to boost user efficiency.

Smart Machines for Smarter Work Microsoft’s AI PCs are set to transform everyday computing tasks.

OpenAI’s Voice Controversy:

OpenAI’s Voice Controversy: Scarlett Johansson’s Doppelganger

OpenAI’s latest voice feature stirred up controversy.

The details:

  • Sky Voice: Users found it eerily similar to Scarlett Johansson.

  • Legal Concerns: Johansson’s team is looking into how the voice was developed.

  • OpenAI’s Response: They’re removing the Sky voice from ChatGPT.

Navigating AI Ethics OpenAI’s voice feature highlights the need for careful ethical considerations in AI development.

U.K. Legalizes Autonomous Driving:

U.K. Legalizes Autonomous Driving

The U.K. has officially passed regulations for autonomous vehicles.

The details:

  • Legislation: Received royal assent, making it law.

  • Driverless Future: Paving the way for autonomous cars by 2026.

  • Safety Standards: Emphasizes stringent safety protocols.

A Step Toward Autonomy The U.K. is leading the charge in autonomous vehicle legislation.

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