Top 7 ChatGPT Alternatives

And: How to design clothes with AI

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99% of people have no clue that there are ChatGPT competitors that are far more engaging and interesting than ChatGPT.

In today’s post:

  • 7 ChatGPT alternatives

  • AI tool that designs clothes and wearables for you

  • FREE guides that’ll 10x your productivity

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These are the powerful ChatGPT alternatives you need to know about:

Chapple AI home page

1/ Chapple AI

This is your all-in-one content creation and money-making tool.

What you can use Chapple AI for:

  • Human-like content generation

  • Article writing, social media content creation, and more.

  • AI voiceover generations

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2/ Google Gemini

Your gateway to exploring the vast universe of information with precision.

What you can use Google Gemini for:

  • In-depth research and complex query resolution

  • Crafting detailed and informative content pieces

  • Real-time translation and multilingual support

3/ Poe By Quora

Connect with the collective intelligence of the world's curious minds.

What you can use Poe By Quora for:

  • Engaging with interactive AI personalities

  • Gaining diverse perspectives on a wide range of topics

  • Enhancing your content with insights from a global community

4/ Perplexity AI

Search the web's knowledge with conversational clarity.

What you can use Perplexity AI for:

  • Answering questions with direct excerpts from sources

  • Simplifying research with concise, accurate summaries

  • Customized content generation based on up-to-date information

5/ YouChat

A conversational companion for instant knowledge and entertainment.

What you can use YouChat for:

  • Seamless integration of chat and web search for answers

  • Generating creative content, including poems and stories

  • Quick explanations and tutorials on a variety of subjects

Link: YouChat

6/ ChatSonic from Writesonic

Speed through content creation with cutting-edge AI technology.

What you can use ChatSonic for:

  • Chatbot capabilities

  • Limited offer with credits

  • Help you create content better than GPT-3.5

7/ Bing AI

Merge the power of Bing search with innovative AI capabilities.

What you can use Bing AI for:

  • Enhanced search experiences with conversational AI

  • Drafting emails, creating content, and summarizing documents

  • Integrating with Microsoft's ecosystem for seamless productivity

To access Bing AI, you need to download Edge browser. Download it here.

Fashion designer

How to design clothes and wearables at home for free using AI

Introducing Pixite AI:

Pixite is a revolutionary AI that can help you design your wearables. Turn your imagination into reality with Pixite AI.

What this tool can do:

  • Design wearables

  • Design Sneakers

  • Design Socks

  • Design Canvas for walls

  • Design T-shirts

  • Design Hoodies

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