Upwork is better than Fiverr...

I think Upwork is better than FIverr. And here are 7 pro tips that can help you land more clients that ever:

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I personally have written 100s of blogs, articles, and LinkedIn articles (yeah that too) for founders, startups, and creators.

Fiverr in my opinion its saturated.

When we started in 2019.

It was great. But now it’s a complete shit show over there.

That’s why I want you to push your services on other platforms too…

Platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork.

If you’re someone who is just starting out or if you’re on Upwork, then these tips will help you land more clients.

Here are 7 Short but powerful Pro tips to get clients on Upwork:

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1. Create a killer headline

Grab attention with a headline that screams value.

Instead of "Freelance Writer," try "I Craft Engaging Blog Posts That Convert."

2. Start your profile with testimonial

Start with glowing testimonials.

Social proof builds trust and shows your expertise.


" [Client Name] doubled their website traffic thanks to [Your Name]'s amazing content!" - [Client Title]

Or you can add in your description about how you helped a client solve specific problem. Believe me, this technique works!

3. Use varied formating

To keep readers interested in your Upwork profile, avoid large paragraphs and poor spacing.

Use short paragraphs, bullets, and other formatting to make it easy to read.

It's fine to use incomplete sentences too.


4. Target one niche

Don't be a jack of all trades.

Focus on one niche to attract targeted clients and establish yourself as an expert.

Instead of being a general copywriter, consider specializing in the finance and accounting sector.

5. Write "You" more and less "I"

Focus on the client's needs and the solutions you offer.

The emphasis should be on the value provided to them.

After setting up your Upwork profile, ensure it mentions "you" more than "I" to maintain a client-centered approach.

6. CTA matters a lot

Tell clients what to do next.

"Contact me today for a free consultation" is much better than leaving them hanging.

7. Be classy and exclusive

Showcase your best work and highlight your unique skills.

Position yourself as a premium freelancer, not a bargain bin option.

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